How can I make my own sex doll?

Buying a sex doll may not be an option for everyone. They’re expensive, for starters; crazy expensive if you want a good quality one. Plus, they are high maintenance, take up a lot of space and it may just be outright embarrassing for people to buy one at times. So when it comes to sex, not everyone is all that lucky. A lot of people do not have partners waiting in bed for them so they either have to take care of themselves, go through a dry spell or, even worse, burn a hole in their pocket just to get laid. But there’s always an alternative. How about you DIY a sex doll? There are several confusing videos on the internet and complicated instructions that may seem overwhelming, but we’ve got an easier answer to your questions. Follow these simple steps to learn how can I make my own sex doll, without spending exorbitantly.

Now, you could either make a full-fledged doll, with a face and all, or you could simply have a make-shift one that is easy and cheap, if you’re not exactly an expert in mechanics.

Let us look at the easier options first.

  1. Towel doll

This is probably the easiest way. It is more of a pocket pussy than whole Sex Dolls. So here’s how it is done. Take a pair of pants and make a hole in the crotch area. Then place a folded towel inside. Insert a masturbator in the fold of the towel to hold it in place and secure the whole arrangement with a belt buckle. This will, however, only form the lower part of the body. The towel doll is a simple and cheaper version, somewhere between a sex doll and a masturbator. Your masturbation style will change with this homemade device of your own making and you won’t be disappointed.

  • Mannequin sex doll

This is a much detailed process for those choosy ones who simply are hell-bent on making one similar to store-bought Love Dolls. So here we go.



Silicone breasts

Masturbator or fleshlight

Silicone or rubber mouth

Step 1 – The most important step is to buy a life-sized mannequin from the store. You possibly can’t make that yourself at home.

Step 2 – Then you will have to carefully and skilfully cut the mannequin in different places. Cut it around the mouth, the breasts and the vagina.

Step 3 – Now carefully attach the silicon breasts, the silicone mouth and the masturbator in their appropriate places and secure them well with a strong factory glue that is washable.

Step 4 – Make a slit at the mouth and create an opening wide enough for your preference.

Step 5 – Dress your doll in sexy clothes and add make-up to the face.

Your very own personalised sex doll is now ready for use.

There are many more ways to make DIY sex dolls, but we have only covered the basic two here. Obviously, the results are not going to be exactly similar to a store-bought doll, but the feeling of having made it yourself will definitely increase your connection with her and give you a lasting feeling of pleasure. Visit MyDollWife to get inspiration from us.

However, making your own sex doll and a factory made luxurious sex doll has a huge difference. Due to advanced technology available today, the dolls manufactured by manufacturers like are of superior quality and feels like spending time with a real person. Even if you plan to make your own doll, we suggest you to have a look at the options already available on our website for quick fun and the most awaited pleasure.

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