Research on How Sex Toys Impact Relationships

The popularity and demand for sex toys have skyrocketed over the past decade. People are more open to talk and use sex toys and products like vibrators. Research suggests that people are now inclined towards individual and mutual pleasure experiences rather than believing in stereotypes. There is no doubt that you can enhance physical pleasure and sexual excitement through various sex toys. Various sex toy manufacturing brands like SVAKOM have been innovating products every year to provide exotic sensual experiences to couples all over the world.

Did it ever occur to your mind that how would use of sex toys impact the overall satisfaction derived from a relationship? How much a relationship get affected due to introduction of a sex toy? What do people think about it? Researchers indicate that pleasure experiences differed in bed and relationship for partners according to their gender. Various studies have been conducted over the years and here are some briefs from the findings. It will help you get answers to various questions that might pop up in your mind.

1. Sex toys spice up relationships and keep it exciting:

Most people believe that you can’t rely on a few positions forever, sex toys bring excitement in a variety of ways and does not let you get bored. Moreover, the pleasure experienced with the use of a sex toy is good enough to ensure a high level of satisfaction in sex acts, especially for new users. Any toy would be great to start, but it would be better if you go for a mutual climax by getting a sex toy designed for couples.

2. Use of vibrators increases communication among the couples:

Around half of the couples surveyed all over the world reported increased communication among them during sex acts due to the addition of a sex toy in their life. Moreover, they also claimed to get involved in sex talks with their partner from the very first step of buying a sex toy. Many partners claim that sex toys helped them open up with their partners and give them directions to achieve a great sex experience. You can play around with them and sex toys often come with exciting features.

3. Some couples claimed that there is nothing to improve:

Around one-fourth of the couples thought the addition of sex toy hardly impact their relationship positively and even said that it could lead into their partner thinking that addition was made because they lack somewhere in the sex acts. Instead, they thought it was better to try different positions instead of using toys. Moreover, half of them suggested that an increment in foreplay can be a great way to reduce the issue of satisfaction among women, as most men forget to excite their partners before getting involved in intimate acts. It reduces the efforts made by women as they enjoy less during sex acts.


Sex toys play a crucial role in maximizing pleasure experiences of couples all over the world. There is no scope of letting yourself down due to stereotypes, after all, it is 2020. You can find a vast variety of sex toys for individual and couple usage. Sex toys from SVAKOM can spice up your relationship. Moreover, no one wants to be bored because of repetitive regular sex. Various other benefits of using sex toys like vibrators are increment in communication among couples. No matter how good a sex toy is, you can not control what your partner thinks about it. So, make sure to take permission from your partner about the use of a sex toy.

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