Tips for Men Last Longer in Bed

Every man desires to stay in there a little longer to be able to please his woman completely. In the pursuit of the same, they all end up being addicted to the tablets that are not even effective. Then, what is the ultimate solution that can help a man last longer in bed? How can a man control the ejaculation and stay still until he’s satisfied himself? If you guess some other miracle of medicine for it, you’re probably wrong. Let’s not forget the fact that medicines have a severe effect on anybody’s body and when they’re used for the sensitive parts, they’re even worse. Moreover, if a man is taking the medicine everyday, he’s bound to get addicted because it’s merely a drug.

What is the ultimate solution?

svakom cock ring

To the rescue of such men who tried and tested every hack in the book, svakom cock ring comes to the way. With this vibrating cock ring, a man is turned on for longer and hence can easily keep going for as long as he’d want. For your help, here are a few advantages that this ring might grant and also another tips to last longer in bed:

Why a cock ring?

Research shows that a cock ring vibrator prevents the blood from flowing back from the penis and hence helps with the late orgasms and ejaculation. This is the goal, right? But, always remember that the cock vibrator should be used when the dick is absolutely hard or else the erection can end up being stifled. Also, wearing the cock rings for longer than 30 minutes can have some side effects like a painful erection afterwards.

Actually, some men have even accepted that using a vibrating cock ring nums their dick which takes longer for men to feel the orgasms. But, it is always advisable to use a good quality cock ring vibrator like the svakom cock ring to ensure pleasure and avoid any effects. Also, always try out the cock ring alone before you take it in bed with your partner.

Any other trick?

According to the studies,there are two more tricks to last longer in bed. These tricks aren’t an easy job to perform as they require consistency, practice, and a lot of willpower. Moreover, these two do not involve the use of cock ring, though cock vibrator is any day an easier way.

  1. First trick is to master the art of masturbation! Yes, masturbate and treat yourself until you’re on a verge to cum. This is where your willpower needs to be used because even if you want to cum, you shouldn’t. Control as much as you can and for as long as possible. This skill needs to be practiced every day at least once if you want to master it. Using this, it will be easy for you to last longer and resist ejaculating in bed.
  2. The other trick you can use is to train your pelvic floor muscles. Doing this will help you control the orgasm and want more. Moreover, you’ll be able to be erect for a longer time than usual which will keep you performing longer in bed. To do this, you can use a towel and drape it on your hand moving it up and down in the usual movement of masturbation. This will probably strengthen your muscles.

Hence, these were a few tricks to help you last longer in bed while you use a good quality cock ring. Or else, you can also opt the other two tricks mentioned above which are usually unattainable by many.